It’s “Taco Tuesday” so let’s “taco ‘bout” bartaco.  Okay, I’ve gotten that out of my system, I promise.  What I haven’t gotten out of my system is the almost constant craving for some of bartaco‘s delicious tacos and other food.  The bartaco closest to me opened several years ago, and quickly became a popular spot for dining and drinks.  There is always a crowd, and it’s not unusual to have to wait a few minutes for a table.  The vast menu contains a variety of upscale tacos, making it appealing to the masses.  My favorite part, is that so much of the menu is gluten-free, that bartaco only uses an indicator to identify the few items that contain gluten.

Bartaco is great for groups, with ordering being completed by the table filling out an order card.  The majority of the appetizers and side dishes are easy to share, and margarita pitchers are a fan favorite.  Ordering is easy, and the food comes to the table quickly.  There have been many times when my friends and I decided to go for a second round of tacos, and we were able to order, and continued enjoying our meal without disruption or major delay.  

During my most recent visit, my friends and I started with a large Guac.  The chips are actually large corn tortillas that you break apart to share and dip.  For my main course, I started with 4 tacos.  It’s often a hard choice, but I decided to select 4 different tacos, sampling as much as I could.  I went with the Sesame Ribeye (angus ribeye w/ kimchi) , Glazed Pork Belly (spicy arbol chili sauce), Chicken Pastor (achiote-marinated seared chicken, grilled pineapple, tajin), and Portabello with queso fresco (roasted w/ poblano peppers & garlic) (pictured left to right).  I also ordered a side of fresh pineapple with lime, which was super sweet, and a great compliment to my tacos.  I devoured my meal.  The food is so good, I’m surprised I was able to hold off long enough to take a picture.  

bartaco Large Guac

bartaco Sesame Ribeye, Glazed Pork Belly, Chicken Pastor, Portobello with Queso Fresca

While dining, my friends shared a “rumor” they had heard.  Apparently, an unnamed source had shared that bartaco has a secret taco.  Could it be true, is this real?  We asked our super friendly waitress, and she informed us that yes, there is a secret taco, which regularly changes.  On this particular occasion, the secret taco was a lobster salad over guacamole in a hard taco shell.  As she shared this information with us, all of the eyes at my table lit up, and everyone in my group ordered a secret taco.  It was incredible!  

bartaco Secret Taco

To finish my meal, I ordered the Spiced Chocolate Pudding.  The pudding is served in a jar with a crunchy hazelnut topping.  It was light enough to not make me feel over-full, but still rich in flavor.  The pudding proved to be the perfect ending to a perfect meal.   

bartaco Spcied Chocolate Pudding

bartaco has currently has 18 restaurants across 10 different states.  Check out their website below to find your local establishment: