BowBeas Gluten Free Cookies

Instagram is an amazing platform that has truly introduced me to some great products.  One of these products is BowBeas Gluten-Free cookies.  These amazing gluten-free cookies are available in three different varieties: Chocolate Chip, Spicy Ginger Snap, and Peanut Butter.  While the cookies are available in some stores, they are also available online.  Being that they are based in Colorado and I am in New York, I had my cookies shipped to me.  They arrived very quickly and perfectly intact.  The Spicy Ginger Snap and Peanut Butter cookies come with 10 in each bag, while the Chocolate Chip cookies are larger, and have 5 in each bag.

Instead of just snacking on the sweet treats, I decided to set up a “tasting” to try each cookie in one stting (which was really just an excuse to eat more cookies than I should at one time).  Whenever I try a new gluten-free product, I like to get the opinion of a “gluten-full” person to hear their thoughts.  This time, my mom was the lucky winner.  After setting up our cookie plates, we got to work sampling the cookies.

BowBeas Gluten-Free Cookies

My gluten-eating Mom and I agreed, all three cookies were delicious and have their own unique identity.  The Peanut Butter cookie, which was my mom’s favorite, was well balanced with a peanut flavor that was present but not overpowering.  The Spicy Ginger Snap had a very strong flavor that lingered long after the cookie was finished.  The spices were very present without being overwhelming.  My favorite cookie was the Chocolate Chip.  As advertised, this cookie was larger than the other two.  The soft almost cake-like texture was very satisfying, and the flavor was great!  All three cookies held together well without crumbling.

As the company advertises, these cookies had us saying “bye bye gluten, hello flavor!”

To read more about BowBeas, their products, and order some delicious cookies, check out their website: