Harvest on Hudson

One of my favorite times of year is Hudson Valley Restaurant Week. During this time, hundreds of restaurants across the Hudson Valley develop a three course menu, which they offer to the public for a set price (usually about $30).  This is great opportunity to sample new restaurants, and dine at different locations.

While I’ve eaten at Harvest on Hudson many times, and return for good reason, the friends I was dining with had been wanting to try the restaurant.  Of course, I agreed to the choice, knowing that I’d be eating a delicious meal at an establishment that has always been accommodating of my gluten free diet.

I was unsure of whether or not the items on the Restaurant Week menu would be gluten free, and was prepared to order off the regular menu, but there was no need!  When I asked my waitress if any of the special menu items were gluten free, she gave me the best possible answer, “I’m not sure, let me go check.”  I know this may seem odd to most people, but I am always so comforted when a server is honest with me, and then makes an effort to make sure I get accurate information.  There have been times at other restaurants where a server is unsure, and leaves it at that, leaving me to further investigate by speaking to managers, and sometimes having to put in some guess work.  Our table’s main waiter came over, and gave me a full run-down of what was gluten free on the menu.  There were so many options!  Not only was I told what was safe for me to eat, I was told which items could be modified (i.e. no croutons on the salad, served with a different side, etc.) so that I could order what I want safely.  Most restaurants don’t allow substitutions or modifications to the Restaurant Week menu, so I was pleasantly surprised by how accommodating Harvest on Hudson was.

I wound up ordering the Heirloom Polenta appetizer, Porkchop Toscano, and finished my meal with the Tahitian Vanilla Panna Cotta.  The Polenta was a great start.  Served with pomodoro and gorgonzola cheese, the dish was creamy, and the portion was perfect to subdue my hunger, but still leave room for my main course.  The Porkchop Toscano was incredible!  The dish was served with vinegar pepper, roasted potato, and artichoke.  The huge pork chop was cooked perfectly, and the flavors of the dish blended together in an incredibly satisfying way.  The Tahitian Vanilla Panna Cotta was a sweet end to a delicious meal!  The cinnamon apple compote topping was perfect for a fall meal.

Harvest on Hudson changes their menu seasonally, and I’m always excited to see what will be available on my visits.  I have never had a bad meal here, and look forward to my next dining experience.

Harvest on Hudson- 1 River Street, Hastings, NY 10706