Inspired by Happiness Gluten-Free Cakes

This gluten-free cake by Inspired by Happiness is by far the best store bought gluten-free cake I’ve had.  TheDreamin’ of Chocolate cake, described as a dark and white chocolate layer cake, was purchased from my local Balducci’s for a recent celebration (Balducci’s added the congratulatory message shown in the picture).  

Inspired by Happiness Dreamin’ of Chocolate Cake

The chocolate layers were delicious!  The cake itself was super moist, which is a term I am not often able to use with gluten-free baked goods.  The white chocolate mousse layers were perfect, and provided a great compliment to the layer cake.  The packaging describes the top layer of the cake as a decadent ganache, and it is just that.  The label also states, “you won’t believe it’s gluten-free!” which was confirmed by everyone around me lucky enough to steal a taste.  It’s not surprising that this cake did not last long in my house before being completely devoured.  I am definitely adding Inspired by Happiness cakes to the top of my shopping list.  


UPDATE 7/16/18

After enjoying the Inspired by Happiness’ Dreamin’ of Chocolate cake so much, I was ecstatic to see a different flavor at my local Balducci’s this past weekend.  I always make sure I check the case where they stock the gluten-free cakes, and the red and white cake with a familiar label immediately caught my eye.  The Dreamin’ of Straweberries White Chocolate Shortcake is described by the company as a “Truly delicious and moist shortcake layered with succulent strawberry fruit filling and the finest Belgian white chocolate mousse.  Topped with real whipped cream and white chocolately drizzle- you won’t believe its gluten-free!”

Again, I found myself very impressed, and full.  Just like the Dreamin’ of Chocolate, the cake layers were moist.  The strawberry filling and white chocolate mousse mixed together very well, and balanced perfectly with the cake layers.  The whipped cream topping provided a great finish for the cake.  Once again, the gluten eaters in my house agreed, this cake did not taste gluten-free.

Inspired by Happiness: