Marzetti Simply Dressed

Salad dressing is one of those items that suddenly becomes very difficult when you’re gluten free.  When I started thoroughly reading labels, I was surprised by many of the ingredients found in some popular brands.  There are also a lot of tricky things to look out for like the type of vinegar used to make the dressing.  As someone who enjoys bringing a salad for lunch most days, I was on the hunt for a few really good dressings that would perfectly compliment the ingredients in my salad, while providing a safe and pain free eating experience.

I first found Marzetti’s when it was purchased for me by someone who knew I was looking for gluten free salad dressing.  I initially tried the Avocado Ranch and Balsamic Vinaigrette, and loved both!  The flavor and texture are great, and they have been a delicious addition to my sometimes boring lunch.  I just purchased the Ranch, and plan to continue trying the different varieties, which are readily available at my local grocery store.  While Marzetti’s does have some dressings that are not gluten free, the ones that are safe for those avoiding gluten are clearly labeled on the side of the bottle, making this salad dressing brand an easy and delicious choice!

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