My Dad’s Cookies- Black & White

It had been a while since I had a really good black and white cookie. I used to love getting them as a treat, and would almost always pick one up when I’d see them on the counter of a deli, coffee shop, or elsewhere. However, once I became gluten free, I just could not find a good substitute for my once beloved treat.

Now notice I said “it had been”. This weekend, I found My Dad’s Cookies Gluten Free Black & White Cookies at my local Whole Foods. Not willing to give up my search quite yet, I decided to give them a try, and they are great!

The cookie was soft and cake-like. The texture was perfect, being a little bit dry but still soft, and the cookie held together well. The sponge cake cookie perfectly complimented the vanilla and chocolate coating. While the traditional gluten full cookies I remember have more of a topping, these cookies seemed to be dipped on either side, with chocolate and vanilla coating spilling over the edges. I really enjoyed this aspect of the cookie, and it made for a nice balance between the cake part of the cookie and the icing.

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