Chef Wanda’s Greek Feast

Last week, I attended a Bachelorette weekend in the Yankee Lake area of New York.  As one of the main events, Chef Wanda came to our rental and cooked us one of the most incredible Greek feasts.  Along with her niece, Chef Destinee, the two spoiled us with an amazing meal that we are all still talking about a week later.

We began our dining experience with a Meze consisting of Spanakopita and Courgettes, and a Salad course of Orzo Salad and Greek Salad. Everything was absolutely delicious, but my personal favorite was the courgettes.  Chefs Wanda and Destinee also prepared special pitas, shaped at hearts to honor the occasion.  

For our main course, we were served Beef and Spanakorizo Stuffed Peppers, Grilled Chicken Souvlaki Skewers, and Grilled Lamb Keftedes Skewers.  In addition to the mains were sides of Lemon Potatoes and Tzatziki Dip.  All I can saw is wow!  Everything was so good, with the Chicken Souvlaki Skewers being some of the best chicken I’ve tasted.  

Our meal was finished with Amygdalota Cookies for dessert.  These were absolutely fantastic, and I ate more than my fair share throughout the night.  

One of the best parts of the experience was how accommodating Chef Wanda and Chef Destinee were to all of our dining restrictions.  We were a group consisting of both gluten free and dairy free diners.  Everything (that’s right, everything!) prepared was gluten free. In addition to the gluten free creations, dairy free versions were prepared so that everyone at the bachelorette was able to eat every single menu item. 

This meal was seriously amazing!  Chef Wanda and Chef Destinee were super accommodating to our needs, incredibly professional in their preparation, and extremely talented in their craft.  They were also lovely to work with, and interacted with the group.  If you’re looking for a private chef in the Yankee Lake area, I highly recommend checking out Chef Wanda!

 IG: whatscookingwithwanda