Eight years.  That’s how long it’s been since I first became “gluten-free”. I put that term in quotes, because it took me a while to cope with the idea. No more bread, pasta, pizza, cakes, and cookies. What was I going to eat? Carbohydrates have always been a staple in my diet, especially those containing gluten. So when gluten-free first became a reality for me, I didn’t quickly accept the idea. In fact, I cheated on my gluten-free diet quite a bit. But as time (and many sick days following cheat days) passed, I began to embrace my new lifestyle. Now, eight year later, I am fully committed to maintaining my gluten-free diet, and have never felt better! While I do not plan to share my personal medical story which lead to the gluten-free me, I do want to share the amazing things I am finding as I live my gluten-free life.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, nutritionist, or other certified professional who can be deemed an expert in the field of gluten free living. What I am is an individual who sometimes begrudgingly has to live a gluten free lifestyle. Follow me as I try the best I can to navigate my way through a world that is not always friendly to those with dietary restrictions.