Asiana Cafe

I love Chinese food. For years, whenever the topic of takeout would come up, my brother and I would immediately argue. He was always inclined to vote for Italian, while I was set on Chinese. Unfortunately, once the gluten-free life found me, I was forced to give up my favorite food.

In my pre-gluten-free life, Asiana Cafe in Greenwich, CT used to be one of my favorite go-to restaurants for Chinese, Thai, and Japanese cuisine. Last year, I was overjoyed to discover that they have a gluten-free menu. While I always knew there were sushi items I could have, I was unaware that there is a full 4 page gluten-free menu featuring a variety of Appetizers, Greens, Soups, Kitchen Entrees, Contempt Rolls, Sushi/Sashimi, Classic Rolls, and Veggie Rolls.

Last night, I ordered the Velvet Corn Soup (cream corn & egg drops) and Broccoli in White Wine Sauce with Chicken. Both were delicious! While I have eaten in the restaurant in the past, last night I ordered take out and ate at home. My meal traveled well, and was just as good as if I had eaten it in the restaurant.

For a delicious gluten-free meal, check out Asiana Cafe:

Asiana Cafe- 68 East Putnam Ave., Greenwich, CT 06830