One of the biggest struggles for me once I became gluten free was giving up pasta.  I have always loved pasta, and in the early days, I cheated many times on my gluten free diet by ordering a pasta dish when I went out to dinner.  When I first became gluten free, almost 8 years ago, it was hard to find a good gluten free pasta.  It was difficult to find a restaurant that served gluten free options, and even more difficult to find one that had gluten free pasta available.  While this may no longer be the case, I still get really excited to see gluten free pasta available on a restaurant’s menu. 

My most recent run in with my favorite printed words, “gluten free available” was at Galli located at 45 Mercer Street, New York, NY 10013.  Galli describes itself as an Italian comfort food restaurant, and their menu lives up to this description.  While they have an extensive menu with many gluten free options, my eyes were immediately drawn to their large selection of pastas, with the words “gluten free available” prominently displayed at the top of the section.  I selected one of my favorites, Carbonara (spaghetti, pancetta, egg, pecorino, cream, peas).  While the dish is listed as being made with spaghetti, my server informed me that they only had gluten free penne available, which was a substitution I was completely fine with.  My meal was amazing!  The gluten free pasta had the texture of a gluten-full pasta and was cooked perfectly al dente. The carbonara was delicious, and I finished the entire large portion.  I highly recommend checking out Galli if you’re in the city and looking for a great gluten free (or gluten full) meal.  

Galli’s website:

Galli- 45 Mercer Street, New York, NY 10013  (212) 966-9288