Veggies Made Great Superfood Veggie Cakes

Veggie Lites Superfood Veggie Cakes

I absolutely love these Superfood Veggie Cakes from Veggies Made Great.  I originally discovered them a few years ago at my local Costco and have had a steady stock in my freezer ever since.  These veggie cakes are gluten free, soy free, peanut and tree nut free, and are packed with vegetable goodness.  Each veggie cake is super flavorful with a great frittata texture, and only has 80 calories.  I’ll often add these cakes as a side to lunch or dinner or eat them on their own for a midday snack.  The packaging includes both microwave and oven/toaster instructions.  I have prepared the veggie cakes both ways, with both leading to the same flavorful result.  

Veggies Made Great Superfood Veggie Cakes Overview:

Where I bought them: Costco

How many servings come in the box: 6 servings per container (the Costco box has multiple containers in it)

How to store them: These veggie cakes can be stored in either the refrigerator or the freezer. 

How to cook them: IN THE OVEN- pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, place the cake on a baking sheet, and heat for 18 minutes (if frozen) or 12 minutes (if refrigerated).  IN THE MICROWAVE- Heat on high for 45 seconds (if frozen) and 25 seconds (if refrigerated).  

I highly recommend checking these out and giving some of the other products from Garden Lites a try.  

Veggie Lites Superfood Veggie Cakes

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