Over the years, my friends and I have visited Graziella’s in White Plains, NY several times. Our visits started as girls’ night dinners, and have since transformed into special occasions and celebrations. Most recently, a large group and I went out for a good friend’s birthday. As always, our meal was great, with everyone enjoying their dinner.

To begin, one of my friends (who eats gluten) and I decided to split the Buratta and Plum Tomato. The Starter is described as being prepared with extra virgin olive oil, balsamic glaze, pink sea salt and garlic toast. Prior to placing the order, I asked the waiter if the dish could be modified to be gluten-free. I was informed that the toast comes out on the side, and everything else was safe for me to eat. Once the order arrived, the waiter placed the dish between my friend and I, followed by a separate plate with the garlic toast. He informed us that he had placed the toast on a separate plate to ensure the part I was eating was completely gluten-free. We divided the buratta, and it was fantastic! All of the flavors were perfect, and the dish was a great start to my meal.

Graziella’s Buratta and Plum Tomato

For my main course, I ordered the Linguine & Clams. While there were several gluten-free main course options available, when the waiter informed me that they had gluten-free pasta, I couldn’t resist! The dish is offered with choice of red or white clam sauce, and I opted for white. While the dish is listed as being linguine, my order was made with penne, which is the gluten-free pasta they had available. I love penne, and was more than happy with the substitution. It was so good! The portion was huge, and despite the large amount of food, I finished the whole plate.

Graziella’s Linguine & Clams (gluten-free penne substituted for the linguine)

I absolutely loved my gluten-free meal at Graziella’s!

For more information, visit the restaurant’s website at:

Graziella’s – 99 Church St., White Plains, NY 10601