Parker & Quinn

I love when I find a restaurant that is gluten-free friendly, and has great food.  Parker and Quinn is one of the restaurants that fall into this category.  Not only were they very accommodating of my dietary needs, the food was great!  

The positive experience at Parker & Quinn started with the reservation.  My friend made a reservation using Open Table, and was contacted after doing so by the restaurant (I believe this occurred through the Open Table app).  She was asked about special dietary restrictions, and being very aware of my need to eat a gluten-free meal, she selected that as an option.  As always, I went to work to prepare for my dining experience.  I went to the website hoping to find pre-select some menu items that looked gluten-free, which I could ask the wait staff about once I got there.  What I found instead was a separate tab for Allergy Menus.  Clicking on the tab took me the full menu, with each item marked to indicate possible allergens or restrictions, including: gluten, garlic, nuts, dairy, shellfish, pork, and soy.  

Having done my preliminary screening, I walked into the restaurant with my game plan set.  Two of my favorite foods are scallops and mashed potatoes, both items that were found on the menu.  For the sake of caution, I did tell the waiter of my need to have a gluten-free meal, and confirmed that the Seared Sea Scallops (sunchokes, green apple & brussels slaw, crispy pancetta) and Mashed Potatoes (truffle butter) that I wanted to order were in fact gluten-free.  They were!  When the food came out, my meal was brought out separately, and I was informed that my allergy had been noted, and everything that was prepared for me was in fact gluten-free and safe to eat.  While I expected the meal to be gluten-free, the verbal assurance provided an extra level of comfort and confidence in my meal.  As for the food, there is one word the perfectly describes it, delicious!  

Parker & Quinn Seared Sea Scallops
Parker & Quinn Mashed Potatoes

I was very happy with my dining experience at Parker & Quinn, and will definitely be going back.  

For more information, check out the restaurant’s website:

Parker & Quinn64 W. 39th St., New York, NY 10018