When I went away to college (a very long time ago!), I left the New York area.  While I went to a city school in another state, one of the things I kept hearing from my peers, was how lucky I was to have grown up in an area where the world was essentially at my fingertips.  While I live outside of the city, I am close enough that some of the greatest museums, most impressive theatrical acts, important historical landmarks, and best sport teams are a very short car or train ride away.  This also means I have easy access to some of the finest restaurants in the world, and I am never at a shortage of places to eat, even with dietary restrictions.  Despite being surrounded by a number of restaurants so high I can’t even begin to guess a number, I still return with high frequency to the same locations.  There are some restaurants that stick out as favorites, and Sonora in Port Chester, NY, located a short distance from New York City, is high on the list.  

My family and I have been dining at Sonora for years.  After discovering the establishment, it quickly became one of our top options for family celebrations, or just a night out.  While we started eating at this restaurant before I was gluten free, it has continued to be a favorite in my post-gluten life.  There are several gluten free options available, which are clearly indicated on the menu.  While I have changed what I order a little, I am still able to order some of my favorite dishes from my old life, because they are already naturally gluten free. This Latin restaurant features a large menu, with delicious items prepared by Chef Rafael Palomino.  The menu includes a large offering of tapas, which are delicious!  Typically, my family and I will order several to share, which everyone follows up with a Main Dish.  

The picture below shows two of our family favorites: Guacamole (Fresh avocado, tomato, red onion, cilantro & lime juice served with yellow corn tortilla chips) and the Quinoa Empanadas (Roasted eggplant, quinoa, goat cheese, empanadas, & chocolate vinaigrette).

Sonora- Guacamole

Sonora- Quinoa Empanadas

After enjoying our shared tapas, I selected the Pollo Relleno (chicken breast stuffed with sweet plantain, goat cheese, peppers, chorizo and a side of saffron mashed potatoes and Madeira shallot reduction).  This is one of my favorite gluten free meals!  The chicken is cooked to perfection and the stuffing is superb.  My brother, who is not gluten free, always orders this as his regular selection.  

While Sonora does change the menu seasonally, there are several staples that remain constant, or dishes that have minor adjustments to reflect seasonal items.  Through the years, I have sampled many of their dishes, and can say I’ve never been disappointed with my meal.  If you find yourself in the area, and are looking for a great restaurant with an inclusive menu, I highly recommend Sonora.  

Sonora’s Website:


179 Rectory Street

Port Chester, NY 10573