Top Seedz Crackers

Top Seedz Crackers- Rosemary

I can’t say no to a free sample.  Okay, I can, but I can’t say no a gluten-free free sample.  Sometimes, my free treat is just a snack and a chance to try something new.  Other times, I discover a great new product that I instantly fall in love with and must buy.  These Top Seedz Crackers fall into the second category.  While shopping in my local Whole Foods, I stumbled upon a tasting of Top Seedz.  I tried both the Sea Salt Crackers and Rosemary Crackers and loved both!  After taking a few minutes to decide, I made the choice to purchase the Rosemary Crackers.   These crackers are super flavorful, with the perfect crunch!  I really enjoy the flavor and texture of the crackers, and have already used the entire container for various snacks and meals.  While these delicious crackers are great on their own, I’ve also had them topped with cheese and as the base of BLT bites (both pictured below!)  If you come across these crackers, make sure you give them a try, and let me know your thoughts! 

-The Gluten-Free Gal’s Guide

Top Seedz Crackers- Rosemary with Gouda
Top Seedz Crackers-Rosemary BLT Bites

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